Insert ball bearing is consisted of a double sealed, single row bearing.
We can provide several types of sealings as follows:
    1.RS+SLINGER type: The SLINGER is fixed to inner ring, rubber seal is fixed to outer ring. The rubber seal and inner ring can form standard torque contact sealing. This combination of two sealing elements can provide an effective barrier against the entrance of foreign matter, such as mud¡¢dust¡¢vapour, and the leakage of grease to keep the bearing in good working. As shown in the figure 1.

    2.Tripe-lips type: the metal shield with long triple rubber lips has considerable large torque and good sealing. This is suitable for agricultrural mechinary at bad surroundings. As shown in the figure 2.

   3.RST type: It covers the functions of both shield and seal. The rubber lip and inner ring form standard torque contact sealing, these can provide an effective barrier against the entrance of foreign matter such as mud¡¢dust¡¢vapour and leakage of grease. As shown in the figure 3.
    Insert ball bearings are widely used in agricultural machinery, construction machinery, textile machinery, food stuff machinery and conveying devices, etc.



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UK300 series

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